Etsy - QuickBooks Online Automation

Etsy sync with QuickBooks Online

Sync Initialization

During the first execution of the automation, Sush.io creates a payment Method ‘Etsy’. For the Etsy Fees, you can decide to hit one of the account already created in your QuickBooks account, or to use a default account  ‘Etsy Fees’ created by Sush.io. By default, Sushio creates in QuickBooks a vendor called ‘Etsy Platform’  and a generic Item called ’Etsy Sales’ (you can still decide to use one of your choice).

New  Feature : You can now select any Shipping Cost account within QBO to match your Etsy Shipping details.

Etsy Fees and Expenses in QuickBooks Online

The fees are created as Purchases in QuickBooks. You can define during the setup whether you want Sush.io to create all fees in a predefined expense account or let Sush.io create a new Expense default account.

New Feature : Fees are now bundled within a single Purchase item per day.