Etsy - QuickBooks Online Automation

What is Subscription Pricing? What does it include?

We have a single unlimited plan at $9.99 per month and per automation. It includes unlimited data for each automation. Each automation can have historical data added for a one-time $9 fee. You can even cancel your subscription at any time. It will stop at the end of the billing period. Disabling an Automation will update the pricing and remove the Automation subscription. You can try the app for free during our 5-day trial.

I am having compatibility issues. What is the error during setup?

There is many reasons that the Automation can not be completed during setup and has to do with differences detected between your Etsy Account settings and QuickBooks Online account settings. These can be :

  • Etsy and QuickBooks Online are not in the same Currency. E.g Etsy in USD and QuickBooks in CAD
  • Your are using a specific setup of Etsy that is not supported by our Platform
  • Your QuickBooks account trial period is not valid anymore and QuickBooks would not let us connect to your account

I have completed setup but Data is not coming through?

First initial sync can take from 1 hour to 24 hours to complete. Please be patient while we process your initial sync and set up your accounts in QuickBooks automatically. This is due to either a huge amount of data that is needed to sync or events related to the QuickBooks API as well as huge traffic on our servers. It usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes and you can reach out to our support if Data is not available after a few hours so that we can check your account status at support@sush.io or through the Online chat.

My Automation stopped. Why is Data not syncing?

The Automation syncs immediately for the initial setup and then every 24 hours. Your data may be syncing or in a batch of future transactions. If after 24 hours your data is still not in QuickBooks something might went wrong with your Account. We recommend to follow these steps :

  • Go to https://etsy2qbo.sush.io and check by scrolling the screen that your automation is still active.
  • Also check that your subscription is still active and that you did not receive any Failed payment email or warning due to a card expired.
  • Did you change your Etsy settings (Bank account linked, currencies, email, modification in the authorized apps)? This would affect your Sush.io Automation and may cause automatic disabling.
  • Did you change any settings or items created by Sush.io in your QuickBooks account (bank account, sales account, expense account, sales receipts, bills for fees, refunds or deposits created by Sush.io)?  This would affect your Sush.io Automation and may cause automatic disabling.

Contact our support at support@sush.io or through the Online chat to see how we can help you get back to normal.

Do you have descriptions of data synced with the Automation?

You can see some screenshot examples and how the automation works here. You can also check everything that was created in your QuickBooks account by going to :

  • Log in to QuickBooks Online
  • Go to the settings button in the top right and click on the Audit log link
Audit Log view in QuickBooks Online

You will be able to check all items created and also accounts created by Sush.io.

How often does the sync occur?

Initial Sync can take up to a few hours. After subscribing the sync is immediately starting and then sync occurs every 24 hours.